Introducing: Gabby Whiten Photography Mobile Presets

Introducing: Gabby Whiten Photography Mobile Presets

Hi there!

I’ve gotten so many requests to create mobile presets that are similar to my presets for the Lightroom Desktop Application. So, I did. These are presets that you can use even if you don’t have a Lightroom/Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription. I know, it’s great, right. I designed these presets to be children of my three top selling and most loved Desktop Presets: Raleigh, Nashville, and District of Columbia. They were also created with “mobile” and JPEG” in mind. This blog post will just give you tips and tricks on how to make the mobile presets your own. You can also check out my Youtube Video here all about how I edit and curate my Instagram content for my feed and stories. I’m giving away all my secrets because I truly believe we can all thrive on Instagram. Whether you create your own content or just want to have a killer Instagram feed, these are going to be so easy to use.

Picking Your Perfect Preset

This collection includes nine mobile presets for you to choose from. I think they are all super versatile and you can’t really go wrong, but I’ll walk you through all of them. What makes them special and what I think they work best for! Now, Let’s get into it.

Raleigh-Based Presets:

  • FiDi

  • Tribeca

  • West Village

These presets make my Raleigh preset mobile and perfect for your iPhone and Point and Shoot images. I love these presets mostly because I think they give a more unique feel to your images compared to other Instagram trends. They will keep my brown sisters from being too orange. These emphasize shadows and richness of colors while still having a bright and dynamic image.

FiDi - Cool

Tribeca - Warm

West Village - As Shot

Nashville-Based Presets:

  • Upper East Side

  • Central Park

  • Upper West Side

The Nashville Desktop preset is my best selling preset and it’s because your pictures will still look natural, but with a little more uumph. This is what I traditionally would have used for my blog photography as well. If you love a light and bright edit, this one is definitely going to be your cup of tea. I still keep the richness in the preset because that’s just my aesthetic. But, these definitely aren’t my normal moody aesthetic.

Upper East Side - Cool

Central Park - As Shot

Upper West Side - Warm

District of Columbia-Based Presets:

  • NoLita

  • SoHo

  • Lower East Side

My District of Columbia preset is definitely an under dog, but i knew I wanted to make it into a mobile preset because of it’s versatility. Abigail from Living the Gray Life adores the DC preset. This is definitely for my desaturated photo enthusiasts. This preset is probably my version of what’s most popular in the Instagram world right now. They will give you the “this is clearly edited, but not too much look” and I love it. Great for someone who’s feeling stuck on Instagram and wanting to try something new.

Lower East Side - Warm

SoHo - As Shot

Nolita - Cool

Those are my nine presets and to be honest, I am very very very happy with them! Hopefully, you will be too!

Additional Tricks to Achieve the Perfect Edit

So, a couple of tricks that I use to make sure that a preset creates the perfect edit is by checking three additional settings.

  1. Exposure - You’ll want to make sure that your image is correctly exposed. I have left the exposure at 0.0 [unless you have the light and dark version available in the complete collection.] I try to keep my exposure settings between -.20 and +.20. This keeps the image from looking too warped.

  2. Saturation - Sometimes my warm toned presets can get a little orange depending on the background or time of day. If that’s the look you want to achieve, great! If not, I’d hop into the color panel of the Lightroom app and bring down the saturation to about -15.

  3. Luminance - I love a dreamy and creamy photo. I think it gives a nice finish to photos. However, it might not be your look or might make food look weird in some situations - very rarely. You can find this option in the Details panel. I would keep Luminance under +25 to keep the photo from looking too heavily airbrushed.

Okay, so those are my tips, tricks, and insights into my mobile presets! Feel free to shoot me a message at if you have any questions about purchasing my presets and using them!